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Height: 75 meters (245 feet)
Length: N/A
Wingspan: none
Weight: 30,000 metric tons (33,000 tons)
Powers/Weapons: Powerful jaws, super-sensitive tentacles at end of tail
Strengths: The tentacles on its tail are 400 times more sensitive to touch than a human's fingertip; sense of smell is 30 times that of a dog's
Weaknesses: Has no eyes; small arms
Overall Fighting Ability: 4 out of 5

Origin is unknown, but Mikuragon is believed to be a prehistoric dinosaur. This kaiju, named for its unique lack of eyes (In Japanese; Mikura = blind. So, Mikura + gon = Mikuragon), has many short tentacles on the end of its tail that are 400 times as sensitive to touch as a human's fingertip. This partly makes up for its blindness, and what isn't made up with that is made up with its very keen sense of smell.

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