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Height: 70 meters ( feet)
Length: 150 meters ( feet)
Wingspan: none
Weight: 120,000 metric tons ( tons)
Powers/Weapons: Contractable neck, burrowing ability, tail whips
Strengths: Burrowing claws can be used as weapons
Weaknesses: Fragile neck; very heavy; thin legs compared to rest of body
Overall Fighting Ability: 3 out of 5

Anamashi's origin is unknown, but there are theories. One is that it is a relative of the Brontosaurus dinosaur. Another is that it was formed during the atomic bombing of WWII.
Anamashi was named after the samurai warrior who discovered him, and lives underneath Monster Island. Its neck is very fragile, so it has grown a protective armor on its long neck. It walks on two legs, but uses its front legs when absolutely necessary. Because it uses only two legs, and its neck is so long, its tail is very long to maintain balance. Its neck can contract to allow its extra two arms (tipped with long claws) to burrow.

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