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Height: 326 meters (1,066 feet)
Length: 12 meters (40 feet)
Wingspan: none
Weight: 18,182 metric tons (20,000 tons)
Powers/Weapons: Plasma blast from cannon, 4-minute force field, paralysis energy beams
Strengths: Experienced fighter; quick thinking
Weaknesses: Overly cocky
Overall Fighting Ability: 5 out of 5

He was once Planet X's best leader, but one day he was killed in battle. However, a group of scientists were able to save his brain and put it into the body of a robot, which was the best weapon they had. Oba loved to fight, so he flew from planet to planet fighting the most powerful of creatures. Finally he approached Earth, undefeated. He challenged Godzilla, the mightiest of them all. Despite the fact that it was a close battle, Godzilla managed to win. Even though Oba had lost, he decided to join the PCKW to fight more of Earth's monsters. He also liked the idea of winning championships, and hoped that some day he could fight Godzilla again and win the PCKW Created Kaiju Title.

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