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Height:  100 meters (327 feet)
Length: 100 meters (327 feet)
Wingspan:  150 meters (493 feet)
Weight: 54,545 metric tons (60,000 tons)
Powers/Weapons: Heads on hands can breathe fire, flight at Mach 2, can absorb power from power lines, then blast it from its body, 2-day head regeneration on its hands
Strengths: Can circle from above, confusing his opponent
Weaknesses: If heads on hands are lost, then he is helpless for 2 days
Overall Fighting Ability: 4 out of 5

His real origin is unknown. He just appeared one day and attacked Tajiri who bit off one the heads on his hands and set him on fire. Kingodon survived, and vowed revenge on Tajiri. He will not stop until Tajiri is dead. He cares only about the killing of Tajiri, and anything that gets in his way.

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