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Height: 50 meters (161 feet)
Length: 98 meters (320 feet)
Wingspan: none
Weight: 440,000 metric tons (400,000 tons)
Powers/Weapons: Tusks, able to dig holes
Strengths: Fat acts as a sort of armor
Weaknesses: Fat slows her down, and tires her
Overall Fighting Ability: 3 out of 5


Originally she was a family pet who just waddled around eating, digging in the ground, and getting attacked by local dogs who chewed off parts of her tail and ears. One day a bunch of hillbillies came across a toxic waste dump and for some reason took a bunch of barrels of it home with them. On the way they got drunk and crashed in the family's front yard and the chemicals got in Gertrude's water. She drank is, and was mutated to enormous proportions. She destroyed the city of Arab (a hillbilly infested town that barely anyone knows about or cares about). Eventually she found the PCKW and now wants to win the Created Monsters Championship, although she's too fat to wear the belt.

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